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Breaking The Dry Spell – Freshwater

Finally, the weekend had arrived! These past 3 weeks of fishing hadn’t been productive hence there were great expectations from Dan and myself when we were able to fish this weekend. Well, we weren’t to be disappointed!

The day started off, first light, at our usual spots. There were already a group of anglers there and it seemed like they weren’t getting any hits yet. We were hoping that the fish were still sleeping! The water conditions were surprisingly good although water levels were low. We started off with our trialed and tested lures with jigs and minnows but with no success. We were blind casting most of the time while taking note of any tell-tale signs of spawning temensis/fry.

With no results in the first 30 mins, Dan and I decided to move in deeper to another spot and I decided to switch to a top-water lure which had been relatively successful on previous occasions. It was the right decision as it received 2 strikes with a fish landed on both occasions!


First Cichla Temensis with some topwater action!

Close up view of fish and lure!

Second Cichla Temensis on Smith Chinupen

Topwater hits are always a pleasure!

Irresistible – The Smith Chinupen works again!

Feisty young Cichla Temensis on Smith AR-HD Minnow


Dan stuck to using the tube jigs and got a first for him – a haruan strike! Dan had been quite successful in landing a few haruans in the past with mainly frog lures and minnows. So it was refreshing to get a hungry haruan on the tube jig, which has been predominantly successful on the temensis and peacock bass. Good work!


Greedy Haruan took the tube jig whole

Nice Haruan on the trial and tested tube jig


Fishing had always been fun for both of us, with or without the catch, as it was a time to distress and relax with the long distances walked being a great form of exercise too. The bonus for us is when you meet great people and make new friends at the same time, especially those who share the love for the sport.

During today’s trip, we managed to strike up a conversation and share some fishing experiences with a fellow angler and we look forward to fishing with him in the near future. What a pleasant way to end off our morning session!

Till next time, please continue to practice Catch and Release. Tight Lines!

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Many Hits: Haruan, Multiple Juveniles, Spawning Temensis, Double Header!

Smart Big Couple

Today, Gabes and I decided to cure the itch, hoping for a good catch and indeed we did. It was12 noon when we arrived. And the first thing we saw was an above average (in size) spawning couple. They were slightly smaller than the 70cm biggies, but larger than the normal ones we caught. We immediately started casting. We threw everything at them, but they did not take any of our lures. They must have been very well-educated in the studies of fishing lures. Sadly, we walked on, thinking of all the what ifs. “What if I had retrieved the lure more aggressively, what if I had used a bigger/smaller lure, what if….”


Reaching a bend, we saw couple of juvenile temensis swimming along, but when we cast our lures out, they literally pussied out, darting out as if a grenade was thrown at them. However, as I was slowly retrieving my ARHD, a medium sized Haruan came out of its cover and slammed my lure. Haha. It was a real surprise as I was about to lift my lure out of the water. He hit the lure just less than a meter from where I was standing. Feisty little fella.

It was in perfect condition. No injuries. Perfect specimen.

Set nicely

Couldn’t get my lipgrip secured, so I improvised. LOL.


Multiple Juveniles

Walking on, I decided to use a new Owner jig that I bought. Something unique about this jig is that there is an extra single hook that is flaying along the side of the jig as it rises and falls. It latches on to any part of the fish when it comes close to investigate. Quite effective on young ones, as you’ll see below. Cheap thrills for me, but as long as there’s something pulling at the end of my line, I’m not complaining (as long as it’s a fish of course). Effective jig, no doubt. May be a heavier one would be better as it would be easier to feel the weight of the jig when jigging as well as to cast further. Enjoy the pics!

Lower jaw and gills

Lower jaw on single hook

Lower jaw and side


First Spawning Temensis

Before we stopped to get the cheap thrill from small temensis, Gabes and I spotted a spawning couple. They were cruising along seeking shelter (i presume). But they never took our lures. Smart pair. They disappeared shortly after. But when we walked  past the same area again, they were back! We both decided to use this cheap lure called Starlit. Gabes claims it’s his most effective lure as it has never failed to catch him temensis. He was right. It did the job again. I tried to get a double hook up when Gabes had the first fish on. But the other half was very weary, rushing the fry into deeper waters. So we had to settle for one. It gave a good fight though.

Really nice colours

Starlit, cheap and good!


Double Header – Spawning Couple

As we fished on, we spotted yet another spawning couple. WooHoo! At that moment, we were both using ARHD minnows. But casting into them did not result in any bites for a few attempts. So we decided to change lures. The couple could have seen ARHDs before. I decided to use the Starlit while Gabes used his B’freeze. I got the first hit from the bigger parent. Gabes carried on agitating its other half and finally got the fish to hit. Double header baby!


Double Header



We didn’t take a picture of both of us together because there was an irritating lady asking us many questions and obstructing us from taking our own pictures as she was shoving her huge DSLR camera between our camera and our fish. Real B***h. But I guess that’s life.

 The flip side of this double header was that after we let both fish go, safely, they never returned to their fry. This was the biggest regret for Gabes and I today. We should have left one of the parents to stick with their fry. Temensis seem to be less caring parents as compared to Toman (Giant Snakehead).  Lesson learnt.


Second Spawning Temensis

To cap off the day, we spotted another spawning couple. And Gabes, had no problem provoking an attack with his huge Cultiva lure. Boom! Fish On!

Another beauty

No escape

Lower lip and side

It rejoined its family shortly after being released

What an end to our fishing day! Tight lines people! Don’t forget, please always practice Catch and Release!

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Luring from July to December 2011

Here are some pictures from the months between July and December 2011!

Please practice Catch and Release! Tight Lines!

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